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I am a researcher in the Lund Vision Group at Lund University in Sweden. I am interested in the unusual visual systems of a variety of marine invertebrates ranging from the rudimentary compound ocelli of fan worms to the spectacularly sophisticated eyes of mantis shrimp.

I completed my PhD in 2013 at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County under the supervision of Professor Thomas Cronin. Following that I took a postdoctoral fellowship with Professor Dan-Eric Nilsson at Lund University in Sweden, and then an independent BBSRC Future Leaders Fellowship in the Ecology of Vision Group at the University of Bristol in the UK.

My current work on fan worms aims to unravel the developmental, neurological and behavioral factors that drove the evolution of these simple eyes and perhaps also influenced the origins of nature’s very first visual systems.

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Video Abstract for my recent paper on mantis shrimp ultraviolet vision:

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